People who should lead the development of a new vaccine

The president could appoint a number of people to lead vaccine development:

  • The head of the CDC
  • Experienced professionals at HHS
  • Experts is immunology or epidemiology
  • His son-in-law

I don’t think I need to tell you which one he chose. I’m sure solving middle east peace won’t distract him from this though.

It’s a weird feeling to simultaneously mock the president’s ineptitude while realizing that it means thousands of people will die, some of which I might love, or might even include me and my family. At the same time, how does anybody look at this and say “yep, more of that please.”

The federal government needs to do 4 things in this pandemic:

  • Testing
  • Information and guidance
  • Protective and healthcare equipment
  • Drug and vaccine approval


Trump hasn’t even acknowledged that there’s a testing issue, and reports say he doesn’t want to take it on. Publicly he has said anyone that wants it can get it, that testing isn’t necessary, that there’s no way to get enough tests, and most recently, that “testing makes us look bad.” He’s more concerned with the optics than the reality. Most experts say a system of testing an tracking is what will allow us to reopen, and the president hasn’t even started 3 months into the outbreak. It’s not hard to imagine that this might not have even broken out in the US if we had such testing and tracking from the very start.

Information and guidance

Where do I start? I guess with injecting disinfectants into the body. As bad as that advice is, his excuse to keep from being embarrassed is worse. He was being “sarcastic” to set off the liberal media. He thinks it’s better to intentionally feed dangerous medical advice to the American people in order to “trigger libs” than to admit he said something stupid.

Protective and Healthcare Equipment

Thankfully the worst hit places have been able to give everyone a ventilator that needed one, even if they had to sometimes share, which is not optimal. But personal protective equipment (PPE) is still woefully lacking. I have a close friend that is a doctor in charge of seeing Covid-19 cases. She said “oh yes, we’re doing pretty well on PPE,” before admitting that she does wear one mask for the entire day, rather than one per patient as is considered the medical standard. When a nurse, who is generally supportive of Trump, said she had to wear the same mask for “a few weeks” and that access to PPE had been “sporadic”, Trump contradicted her and said “Sporadic for you but not sporadic for a lot of other people.”

Drug and Vaccine Approval

Trump certainly wants this to move quickly, but I genuinely worry if something safe will come out of this process. He already pressured HHS and FDA to test and approve chloroquine, which turned out to be unsafe. Reports are that there are so many competing drugs and vaccines that trials are having difficulty recruiting people. And this is the area where he’s performing the best! Where’s the coordination?


It gives me a sick feeling in my stomach to think of people dying as I say “Look! See how inept Trump is!” And yet, it may not even matter to Trump sympathizers. There is already a concerted effort to undercut the death count from coronavirus.

I really hope we defeat Trump in November. If we have an election.

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