Yosemite Sam for Senate

Because really, how much lower can the GOP go? At one point, ridiculous candidates for office were limited to local government, and around the time the Tea Party rose, a handful got into the House of Representatives. But not you’ve got people like Roy Moore almost a sure thing to win. They guy is not just an ultra-conservative. He’s an idiot. How do you get to be a state Supreme Court justice when you’re an idiot? And what’s worse, he’s corrupt. He took 1/3 of the donations from his “charity” to the tune of a million dollars over 5 years. Even when they had to mortgage the charity’s headquarters to pay him! And he’ll still almost certainly be elected in Alabama.


I get that in a really conservative district, the man with the most conservatives credentials will appeal to primary voters. But at what point do conservatives decide that they have limits? For Pete’s sake, Kid Rock is considering a run for Senate in Michigan! Kid Fucking Rock! Who’s next, ummm…hold on….trying to think of someone more ridiculous than Kid Rock. Hmmm. Alice Cooper! No wait, Kid Rock has the sex tape and is likely still an alcoholic and told the press the go fuck themselves recently. So, maybe outside music? Paul LePage! No wait, that doesn’t work, he’s already a state governor. I give up.

Here’s a tip for the GOP. When professional comedians struggle to create satire of your politicians because they can’t think of anything more ridiculous than the people in office, you might start to rethink the viability of your views.

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