A firecracker in a dumpster fire


Teflon Don has decided to test his ability to deflect trouble again, this time with Puerto Rico. On the surface of it, he said some things that would all but sink another presidency. He suggested the hurricane there was not a “real catastrophe”, engaged in passive aggressive politics with a local mayor, and called out how much helping the island was hitting the budget.

Just mind bogglingly bad. Although, the idea of Trump as a grief counselor would be comedy gold. “I’m so sorry for your loss. He was yuge. I mean literally, the guy couldn’t stop eating, it was disgusting. But he paid for it in the end. Peace be with you. I gotta go over here and serve some punch now. Have a good time.”

And while that is genuinely bad, it’s only a firecracker in the dumpster fire of his presidency, so it barely gets a days news attention. But the part that sticks in my craw, the part that I don’t understand why none of his supporters seem to mind, is that he’s so transparently shallow. All he cares about is whether the press portrays him as doing a good job on the emergency. He doesn’t actually care about the people. Just the perception.

And it’s so obvious to anyone who hasn’t put their blinders on to support him. The right loves to circle the wagons when people criticize their own from outside their ranks. You would think eventually they would realize they’re defending a caricature of a rich asshole, but I’m not sure when, or even if, that will ever hit.

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