The “miracle” in Vegas

It’s funny how conservatives didn’t mind when Trump wanted to politicize the London bridge attack by advocating a muslim ban, but sensible gun control proposals are politicizing the Las Vegas shooting tragedy.

What they really mean is “let the pressure from this blow over” and we’ll forget about it.

The NRA, meanwhile, is pulling TV advertising for a week. What does it say about your message if you don’t feel quite as proud about it after 600 people get shot? How does this group have so much power? Oh, I know, because heavily gerrymandered districts mean most republicans threat comes from the right, not the center.

The president tried to distract from any action by calling the police response to the shooting a “miracle.” Say WHAT?

According to the timeline, the shooting started at 10:08. The police were outside the shooter’s door at 10:24. They didn’t enter the room until 11:20 when the SWAT team arrived.

Nearly 600 people got shot. Almost 60 dead so far. How many of those got shot between when the police arrived and when they went in? Can you imagine being in the crowd and wondering how long it would take police to stop the shooting?

Now, I’m not going to sit in my armchair and say that whatever officer was by the door should have charged the room, safety be damned. But I’m also not going to give a knee jerk “police are heroes” response as if they were firefighters running into a burning building when it a shooter was free to reign bullets on the Vegas strip for over an hour with nobody trying to stop him.

But calling the police heroes and saying now is the time to support them and pray for the victims rather than “politicize” the tragedy is what allows them to deflect taking action. They say we need to understand why the shooter acted. Was it mental illness (as if they have done a thing about that to date) or radicalism or something else. All of that misses the point. Every shooting will have different reasons, but many have one thing in common.

The REAL issue here is assault weapons. Only an assault weapon could possibly cause this much carnage. Trump tweeted after the London attacks how we weren’t talking about gun control because it was carried out with a car an knives. But 8 people died in that attack carried out by 3 people. A tragedy, but on a different scale. And 5 of them by knife. So 3x the terrorists and a fraction of the casualties. An assault rifle equipped with a legal modification to make it fully automatic dealt death on a grand scale.

I get that gun control opponents worry about a slipper slope. But most don’t complain that we don’t allow other military weapons in civilian hands like rocket launchers and tanks and 50mm anti-aircraft gatling guns shooting depleted uranium. They don’t mind drawing the line somewhere, but it seems fairly arbitrary to allow such a powerful weapon designed to kill humans on a mass scale on the side of legality.

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