Becoming numb

The blog has slowed a bit as I’m sure you can tell. Part of that was the awesome trip to Spain! Yay! More on that to come. But part of it is I just came back exhausted with politics. I’m one of the more political people I know and even I’m just desperate to turn a blind eye to it and ignore it.

The truth is, the average person can only absorb so much bad in the world. After tragedies, after a certain mourning period I just have to move on because I can’t process it. I have to think about the happy things in this world. And I don’t know if I can keep up this level of outrage for 4 years.

But every time I think I can let it go, Trump just ups the ante. And every time he does this, it gets just a little bit less outrage than it would have before. It’s a bit like how he won the election. He started out saying such outrageous things that every subsequent thing paled by comparison. After calling Mexicans rapists, prisoners of war not real heroes and making fun the disabled, you got the sense that the normal rules didn’t apply to him. After surviving the “grab them by the pussy” tapes, he became all but invincible.

The same is now happening in his presidency. He fired his FBI Director and then on national television said it was because of the Russia investigation. His election has admitted it tried to collude with Russia after all the federal agencies have concluded Russia interfered on his behalf. And he has been a disaster governing as well. And yet still, his approval rate will not fall below the high 30s. I sometimes wonder if it’s a genius liberal plot to destroy the modern GOP. But that would require them coming to their senses at some point.

If anyone is still reading, here’s the point. Imagine any other president in the last century, pick any of them, threatening to fire their Attorney General if they don’t investigate their political opponent. AFTER being cleared by the FBI and investigated by about 8 congressional committees no less. I mean, this might be the scandal of the century. This might be the biggest scandal in American History. It’s got all the abuse of power of any of the other scandals, including Comey’s firing, but it adds into it the dictator-style tactics of taking down your political opposition. Just about the only thing worse he could do is try to depose the other branches of government.

But in Trump’s America, he could PUBLICLY say this and all the news could talk about for days were the implications for Sessions and who might replace him. It was only today that I saw a story acknowledging that “oh, yeah, this might be a pretty bad abuse of power.

I’m really scared for this country right now. I THINK that our institutions are strong enough to survive Trump. I even think that the GOP has some kind of breaking point. But this is how lesser countries like Venezuela end up with these very powerful authoritarians in charge. They chip away at norms. They assault the free press. And they have apologists enabling them in congress/parliament.

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