Setting precedents

The left is screaming “Treason” after it was revealed Don Jr. met with the Russians KNOWING they were trying to dish dirt on Hillary. The right is following their usual tactics of saying the press is hysterical and claiming it wasn’t illegal.

But lost in all of this is the history of this event and how that will impact future generations. See, the presidency is a really powerful office. And what’s illegal in normal circumstances often becomes about who is willing to hold the executive accountable.

For those on the left that are hoping the law or the courts will save them. It won’t.

For those on the right that think this will all blow over as the typical Washington hypocrisy. It won’t.

What it does mean is that if republicans say that this is ok, then it will be allowed. BUT, it sets precedent. Presidential precedent. How do you ever come back from this new standard you’ve set? This isn’t just about being hypocritical. Hypocrisy is served gratis with every meal in our nation’s capital. But when  you let the president do this, it becomes the new standard and these events might even be held up in court in future cases.

I get that republicans are in an impossible situation. You can’t pass your agenda without him. You can’t impeach him and risk the wrath of his still quite loyal base, which is only 40% of Americans but quite a bit more of GOP primary voters. So you have little choice but to defend or at least deflect for him.

BUT AT SOME POINT…history is watching. Not only their hypocrisy, but the precedents that are being set. This goes way beyond tax cuts or healthcare reform.

Trump has said publicly that nothing was done wrong. He clearly thinks that in business and politics, the only thing that matters is winning, no matter the means. He thinks it is perfectly acceptable to work with our enemies to win an election. We have to decide if we’re ok with that.

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