You can blame Fox News

but in the end the audience is the one that either endorses this behavior or just doesn’t care. How is this the channel of evangelical conservatives?


I always rejected feminism until recently, and I still would probably get in disagreements on many issues, but I also just think women have to put up with so much crap.

Sometimes it’s small things like a coworker too distracted by your attraction to pay attention to what you’re saying. Other times it’s serious impediments to equal opportunities, and that’s well before we get to the obviously illegal stuff happening at Fox. It seems to vary by industry and company. I have a female friend in law enforcement and the story she tells are straight out of “Mad Men.” Certainly the stuff you hear about at Fox or Uber would never fly at my job. But in some ways that makes it more frustrating, because if all it takes is culture of equality at the top, how does this not get stamped out already? Then maybe we can get to that whole glass ceiling thing.

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