The worst traitors in the world

Here’s what I think is funny about the whole “Susan Rice committed treason by unmasking the Trumps associates” argument. If so, she is TERRIBLE at it. I mean, I get it, using the intelligence services to undermine your political opponent would be pretty sleazy. But, shouldn’t you gain a political advantage from it? What good does it do to unmask an individual and then…just…not tell anyone.

There was almost no smoke around Trump’s Russia ties before the election. The FBI didn’t announce he was under investigation. Wikileaks didn’t publish a slow drip of constant negative leaks and embarrassments. And he won the election despite trailing in polls. If that’s political bullying by the intelligence community, it’s incompetence on a Bay of Pigs scale.

In the meantime, both the FBI and CIA issued official findings that the Russians interfered in the election, and it’s public knowledge that Trump’s campaign manager was fired after his cozy ties to Ukraine and Russia were uncovered. If she didn’t try to unmask some of those names she should have been fired!

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