The price of a broken GOP

One of my long intended articles is to highlight the ridiculousness of the core republican platform. The party that was once the voice of reason and restraint has become empty talking points and rigid dogma even when it’s irresponsible.

That’s starting to rear its head in the Obamacare repeal and replace effort. The video below is a fantastic look at how miserably the GOP plan fails to achieve ANYTHING other than to be able to say they repealed and replaced Obamacare.


And here’s where we really start to miss a grown up political party, because healthcare in this country really does need fixing. At some point we will almost be FORCED to choose single payer just to control healthcare costs, unless someone can give us an alternative.

See, the reason the GOP’s subsidies are getting criticized is that they won’t do nearly enough to help people buy insurance. But that’s just a symptom. The sickness is that the average cost of health insurance for a family of four is $25,000. And that’s before the average family deductible of nearly $8,000 or any copays for actually using it. Holy crap Batman! That’s 60% of the after tax income of the average person in this country, and quite a bit more than a poor person could afford.

The problem, as I intend to lay out in a series of upcoming articles, is that healthcare costs in this country are out of control. Does the GOP plan do anything to address this? Does it increase the doctor supply, reduce regulatory red tape, or allow for prescription medication negotiation by the government? Of course not, because that would be hard and piss off big important donors. And I’m not piling onto republicans here because democrats would fail to take action as well, but at least the GOP owns up to their corporate shilling ways. Sorry, pro-business ways.

If the GOP hadn’t backed themselves into a corner with Obamacare, they could really do some good here. If only we had some grown ups in the party to lead them.

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