Three kinds of crazy

Kellyanne Conway seems to think there’s a double standard in the coverage of the President. The media get to use anonymous sources, but the President has to defend where he got his information that Obama put a wire tap on Trump Tower.

What I think is more interesting is the double standard for Congressional investigations. An official finding by the FBI and CIA that Russia interfered in the election on behalf of Trump, plus some fairly serious smoke about potential contacts between his campaign and Russian intelligence, and it still took them over a month to agree halfheartedly to an investigation.

On the other hand, Trump tweets unsupported claims about wiretapping that he appears to have read on the “news” site Breitbart and multiple congressional committees agree to investigate before Trump even has a chance to send Kellyanne out to make excuses for him.

I’m trying to imagine the President sitting with his phone trying to decide how to investigate this further. Let’s see. FBI Director, CIA Director, Chief of Staff. Nope. I know, I’ll call former Breitbart editor and current senior advisor Steve Bannon.

It is scary where this president gets his news. I used to participate in online political discussions quite a bit, and there are 3 kinds of crazy people in the conservative camp.

  1. The first is the policy kool-aid drinkers. The people that think you can cut taxes to raise revenue and that if we just had a purely free market then the world would be harmonious.
  2. The second are the people that believe every damn email forward they get and religiously watch Fox News and read the Drudge Report. They don’t know much about policy, and half of them might even vote for Universal Single Payer Healthcare, but they just know they hate Obama, Hillary and damn hippie liberals.
  3. Last are the people that are so out there that it’s hard to tell whether they’re even liberal or conservative. They just want to blow the whole damn thing up. The saner ones read Breitbart. The really far gone ones link to Alex Jones’ site Infowars, a place where they think Sandy Hook was staged by the government and the 9/11 was a cover up. Trump reads both and his most trusted advisor was editor of one of them, and has pretty much admitted he wants to burn the whole thing down.

This time it’s Obama wiretaps. Next time, maybe it’s that Iran is cheating on the nuclear deal and he wants to send in bombers or even troops.

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