Things I’m hopeful for in a Trump presidency

It’s pretty easy to focus on things I disagree with about a Trump presidency. But despite the potential damage, some good could come out the other end of it.


Here’s my list of things that could benefit America even for the left leaning among us:

1. That we’ll finally get real about race in America. It’s interesting that after 8 years of Obama, racism is more of an issue than when he started. Also interesting is that there’s been more discussion of racism in the last year than in the previous 7. Part of that is that we, as a society, haven’t come to terms with what it means to be a racist. KKK members will tell you they’re not racist. And yet, even the most liberal among us would probably be embarrassed to share their secret inner thoughts when on a subway car at night with someone that is racially and/or culturally different from them. There’s a bit of bigotry in all of us. We fought long and hard to stamp out overt systemic racism in this country. Racism must now at least hide behind the facade excuses for disparate treatment, only revealed upon close examination or unbiased statistics. Now we need to push that boundary further, making clear that hidden racism is just as bad as overt racism.

2. That republicans will finally get real about what they stand for. They’re against Obamacare but in 6 years haven’t put forth an alternative. They’re against government spending, but non-military discretionary spending is already slashed to irresponsible levels. They’re against regulation, but most of their proposals are transparent plays for their corporate overlords. That’s not to say there aren’t genuine conservative principles they could govern upon, but now they won’t be able to point the finger at someone else when they claim stupid sh*t like cutting taxes and rooting out waste will fix the budget deficit.

3. That democrats will actually learn to be the party of the people again. It’s hard to be the party of the people when you’re in bed with payday lenders. Somewhere along the line, democrats became the party of elites. It’s ridiculously hypocritical to hear this coming from republicans. But the truth is that for whatever reason (*cough* social issues, guns *cough*) Republicans have figured out how to connect with ordinary middle Americans culturally and the Democratic party has become the party big cities, minorities, the educated and even the affluent. Democrats are trying to win votes by playing up demographics and arguing like policy wonks. It’s great to be the party of the future, but don’t make everyone that doesn’t want to change so quickly feel like you’re not for their interests too. Too often we hear “sorry, nothing we can do to help people who lost their jobs due to global trade. You just have to become a computer programmer or settle for a gas station clerk.” Republicans are sympathizing with voters and letting them know they feel their pain. Regardless of whether they are being realistic or genuine, they are winning the war on culture among huge swaths of Americans even when their ideas are not necessary better for those same people. Democrats seem to think that they just need to be less visibly corrupt than the other side of the aisle and they’ll earn the working man’s vote. Time to step up.

4. That there will be some semblance of environmental protection, workers rights, consumer protection, fiscal responsibility, judicial balance and American leadership in the world at the end of it.

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