The GOP must change

My grand vision for the politics on this blog was a fact based discussion of events that transcended partisanship. There are three problems with this approach.

1. Doing all that research takes time. That means by the time I have the time to sit down and spend a few hours writing and researching, the topic of the week is long stale.

2. I get frustrated not having an outlet for partisan observations.

3. Who am I kidding? When did facts ever win a political argument? One side in particular, that I won’t name but whose initials are G.O.P., is particularly allergic to facts.

I like what the GOP claims to stand for. The argument about the size and role of government goes all the way back to the founding fathers. And the argument that a limited govt with low taxes gives the most freedom is philosophically sound.

But the GOP long ago left behind the traditional tactics that are lose with the facts and just flat out started lying. The Bush/Cheney White House may be loathed by modern conservatives, but may have provided their most potent current tool: doubling down when you are caught in a lie.

Cheney in particular is still doing this. Now, if you had asked me 7 years ago, I would have said the GOP is on the brink of change because people would eventually wise up. While the long term wisdom of this strategy remains questionable, the short term seems to be working just fine. Turns out the change was to get MORE extreme. And they’ve increased their control of govt at the federal and state levels. Double down.

This all sounds like partisan bickering but when reality gets too far away from serious policy discussion then it starts to seriously impact all of us. Taxes, spending, environment, public safety, corruption and the list goes on. Our future is being decided by people who are making up their own facts. And reality waits.

I always believed in parenting by consequences. Let your kid learn that it hurts to fall off the couch. Pretty soon we are going to start seeing consequences. And in some cases congress is running with scissors. And I just hope the fall isn’t too bad.

In the coming posts I intend to put light in these lies, because if I can’t change it I can at least call it out. And maybe a couple of extra people will remember on voting day.

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